Mix & Match Swap

Så har jag anmält mig till ett nytt byte. Det ska bli spännande att få en byteskompis kanske i ett annat land. Här kommer mina svar, men fy vad svårt det var att svara på engelska.

4.       Occupation: Development manager (within food)

5.       What's your dream job? I am happy with my work. I want to be "free" and not have to follow orders

6.       Knitting level - beginner/intermediate/experienced: Intermediate, (I prefer to follow a pattern and not to knit free)

7.       Favorite thing(s) to knit: Jumpers, cardigans and sometimes shawls

8.       Favorite type of needles: Round loop

9.       What kind of yarn do you prefer? (Cotton, wool, bamboo etc...) different types of soft wool and silk not 100% syntetic

10.   Favorite color(s): turqoise, blue, red, green, (strong, cold colours)

11.   Are you allergic to anything? Birch pollen

12.   Your biggest hobby/interest is: knitting (for the moment)

13.   3 other things you are interested in as well: golf, embroider (but I have problems with my eyes when it is to small), reading, cooking

14.   Do you have kids? 2, a daughter of 23 (she is knitting as well) and a son of 20 next week

15.   Coffee or tea? What kind/flavor? Both, black coffee sometimes with hot milk and almost all sorts of tea, not flavoured coffee

16.   Favorite time of the year: summer

17.   Do you spin your own yarn? NO

18.   Do you crochet? Yes

19.   3 favorite books (non-knitting) (or 3 fav. authors): Stieg Larsson, Ken Follett (both in Swedish and English), Alexander McCall Smith and Mma Ramotswe

20.   3 favorite movies: The Sting, thrillers

21.   3 favorite flavors: apple, strawberry, lingonberry

22.   3 favorite scents: forest, roses, salt water (the sea)

23.   3 favorite words: happy, healthy, what's happening now?

24.   3 favorite singers/groups: Edith Piaf, trad jazz, classic instrumental music

25.   3 favorite places: Hven (an island between Sweden and Denmark), England, Copenhagen

26.   3 favorite sounds: bird song, water waves, silence

27.   3 things on your wish list: lower my golf handicap, I want to go to Granada in Spain, nice, modern patterns to knit

28.   3 words to describe you: positive, active, hakunamatata

29.   Do you have a blog/website? http://stickmor.blogg.se/



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